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Creative Lighting: Turn Heads with a Barrel Hoop Light

posted at 2014-08-06 13:00:00

A stylish light fixture does much more than simply illuminating a living space. It ties the room together, makes a statement and expresses your personality all while creating an eye-catching focal point. In other words, with the right lighting, you can take a kitchen, dining room, bedroom or living room to the next level of design.

The Barrel Hoop Light was thoughtfully designed to do just that. Inspired by rustic modern style, this fixture is sure to be a conversation starter. 

The one-of-kind Barrel Hoop ceiling light was crafted from barrel hoops and a nautical-style bulb for a look that is uniquely industrial and chic. The geometric barrel ring design spans 24-inches in circumference, allowing the fixture to offer sculptural appeal without too much visual weight. In this way, spaces can benefit from the artful interest of the light fixture while maintaining a look and feel that is airy and light.
The shapes and textures of the fixture can also be leveraged to make a stunning impact in nearly any design. The graceful curves of the circular design incorporate repetition which can be coordinated with other features and patterns throughout a space. Unconventional wooden barrel material adds warmth and texture to this piece that can be amplified when placed against a light backdrop or within a monochromatic palette. The fixture can perfectly compliment a rustic chic design, or it can be contrasted with more contemporary furnishings to create a harmonious blend of old and new. 

Such a remarkable fixture can inspire you to get creative with your home's lighting. The Barrel Hoop Light can define the dining area of a covered patio or deck. It can become the centerpiece of a spacious master bath, or even create a memorable first impression in a foyer or entryway. The Hoop Light can even be used to draw attention to a favorite furnishing such as a piano, an eclectic coffee table or a piece of art. 

How would you incorporate the Barrel Hoop Light? Share with us in a comment below. 
Find this fixture and more creative barrel furniture for the home right here on the Barrel-Art's website. 

Image Source: Barrel-Art