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Barrel-Art's New Website

posted at 2015-02-19 12:51:00

Our new website is now viewable. We think the new design and navigation will serve our customers better and enhance the Barrel-Art experience.

None of this would have been possible without Drew Pushlar. He is a web developer, has been building websites and online database applications since 1998, and working on his own since 2006.

Drew's work comes from a wide range of clients. He's built and/or currently maintains websites for hundreds of businesses and nonprofits, including local, national, and international clients. He works with graphic designers and ad agencies by turning their creations and ideas into richly-featured sites, and builds online business tools for companies to manage all aspects of their work flow. He even does work for other web developers, when they have projects which require a certain set of skills, or are just overloaded.

Much of his work over the years has involved building sites with unique features and graphic designs which do not easily fit into a standard Content Management System (CMS). During this time, he's been developing his own CMS which has been specifically designed to quickly build business-oriented websites, and allows him (or any experienced PHP developer) to easily add custom features and design elements. This is a key reason why he is able to build sophisticated e-commerce websites at a fraction of the cost of most developers.

You can go to to see his portfolio, services, and customers.