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Barrel-Art® European Wine Barrel Creations

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Wine and Oak Barrels, A Heavenly Match

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Wine barrels play a large role in the creation of the best wines in the world. They’re instrumental, indeed necessary, in the aging of the perfect wine. Oak barrels hold wine during the aging process and impart a variety of unique flavors.

Why Do They Use Oak Wine Barrels?

Oak barrels have been used for centuries for this very purpose. They 'season' a good wine as well as other liquors, such as Bourbon and Whiskey. The 'nose' benefit from an oak barrel imparts qualities, such as a rich fragrance that can mimic many smells from a spice rack in your kitchen. Aromas such as cinnamon, vanilla, clove and nutmeg can be present to varying degrees. On the 'palate' side, tasty notes of tea, mocha, coconut and a buttery toffee can be detected in wines from this type of barrel.

The characteristics of the aging process within new wine barrels are accentuated because of the relative newness of the oak. As the barrels get older, as in after six or seven vintages, the effect is less so. Sometimes the inside of those barrels are scored to expose new wood fiber underneath, however, this can create other problems of stability in the barrel itself.

What Is Then Done With These Wine Barrels?

We, at Barrel-Art, like to purchase vintage wine barrels for the beautiful creations we’re known for. The reason for this is that, just as oak does something so very wonderful to the wine that’s aged in them, wine gives wine barrel furniture and decorative items a unique flair that’s nice to own, look at and use. The aroma can still be detected and the toning that the wood acquires has a beautiful and powerful glow.

Wine barrels are created from quality pieces of wood that have been carefully cut and trimmed to fit together, so no adhesive is needed. This is a perfect medium for the creations we make for a growing clientele base around the world.

Contact Barrel-Art to see what these Old World pieces can do for your home décor. 

Image Source: freedigitalphotos, Wikimedia Commons 

Accessorize a New Home with Stave Art by Barrel-Art

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At Barrel-Art, our unique, handmade furniture and works of art are products of aged European wine barrels previously active in the wine manufacturing process. We take pride in our handmade pieces, and to continue making high-quality products, we rely on the durability and sturdiness of the wine barrels we reclaim

The building block of wine barrels - the stave - has a highly evident strength. Staves are strips of wood cut from European trees, trimmed down to the appropriate barrel size, and then cured for between two to three years. The curing process removes unpleasant odors, unwanted impurities, and harsh tannins that can be damaging to the wine. Subsequently, staves are products of custom craftsmanship and lend themselves well to decorative art and other furniture items. 

The resiliency and durability of staves prove they have another purpose - Stave Art! Take a look at how we transformed these gorgeous staves into something else entirely. 

A candleholder with a twist, our Decorative 5-Votive Candleholder is the full wine barrel stave package. Crafted from a French Bordeaux barrel, the piece even incorporates the barrel's metal hoop. This candleholder is perfect for decorating your dining table during an intimate wine tasting. 

Add some of your own personal style and personality with our Engraved Wine Barrel Stave. With ten custom phrases available for engraving, these are fantastic gift options for a wine-loving friend or family member. 

Craft beer is such a huge love of ours, and wine barrel staves are the perfect size to design a Beer Flight with some added burgundy flair. With three 5.5 ounce tasting glasses included, it's time to start sampling your favorite beers! 

Another example of burgundy stained wood, our Sushi Tray was forged from the stave of a reclaimed French wine barrel. Use it to serve cheese and fruit after a meal, or place your sashimi and sushi rolls on it and grab a pair of chopsticks.

Our decorative decor and furnishings made from wine barrel staves are a reflection of our careful attention to detail and professional craftsmanship. Contact us to learn more about our unique European wine barrel offerings. 

New to Barrel-Art: Dreaming Tree Wine Barrels

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We are happy to share that Barrel-Art has acquired a supply of reclaimed wine barrels used to make Dreaming Tree Wine in Napa, California. This collaboration is special for several reasons -- one of which being that Dreaming Tree is owned by Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band! As a fan, Mike was excited to embark on this collaboration. 

From Wine to Art: Crafting an Oak Barrel

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The wine barrel furniture from Barrel-Art is fabricated from European wine barrels that have been used for years in the aging and storing of wine. The creations our customers delight in are handmade -- just like the wine barrels of old.