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Barrel-Art Decorating Tips

Natural or rustic décor is currently very popular and it can be fun and inexpensive. Natural elements can be found almost anywhere, including a short walk in the park. Twigs, leaves, acorns, pine needles and pine cones are just some of the many elements that can be used as accent or centerpiece materials. Arrange pine cones and Spanish moss on a Barrel-Art Lazy Susan for a beautiful and rustic centerpiece. You can also use fruit or flowers on one of our serving trays as a centerpiece, both will add the perfect rustic touch for almost any occasion. A walk on the beach can also provide great elements. Shells and starfish can bring zing when paired with a colorful background.

If branches and shells are not for you but you want to bring a bit of nature to your space, use flora & fauna prints on fabrics, artwork or pillows. A bright floral pattern pillow on our Adirondack rocker would add an air of sophistication to this classic beauty. Simple house plants are another great accent. Arrange plants in different size pots on our side table and you will add the perfect amount of natural character to any space.

Not all “natural” looks have to be authentic. Arrange a faux cowhide rug over our barrel coffee table for a rustic look perfect in a mountain cabin or downtown condo. You also don’t have to go 100% cabin or farmhouse with your look. You can combine it with contemporary décor to create a modern and rustic feel. This rustic addition can bring warmth and add timelessness to your contemporary designs. The natural and contemporary mix allows you to add your own touch to your space that expresses your personality. Combine modern and vintage like our Barrel table with contemporary bar stools for a dramatic and fashionable look.

Even in a thoroughly modern space a rustic touch can introduce a balance to a sleek surface or angular corners. In a modern bathroom, for example, a Barrel-Art stave bench will provide a natural flair against ceramic tile floors. The bench is also the perfect spot to store towels and other bath accessories.

Art is another way to add a beautiful natural touch. Our barrel hoop music note or barrel hoop sun both would add a dramatic flair to any room and is a simple way to add a rustic accent.

A variety of styles and artistic details can create rooms that please on every level. On a chilly day a rustic room can be a perfect cozy and comfortable space. Combine that with a fine wine, bourbon or craft beer served on a Barrel-Art flight, while seated by our Barrel-Art fire pit and you’ll have the perfect rustic feel.

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