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Christmas Decorating Ideas

So, the cold weather is here, there are Christmas carols on the radio and photos popping up on social media of various folks already putting up their Christmas trees!! Whoa! I haven’t even bought cranberry sauce yet! One holiday at a time please! As the saying goes, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” So, I’ve joined in, spreading the word about holiday gift ideas, unique décor for the holidays and the great products we have here at Barrel-Art.

I’m seeing a trend already, with the widely popular Wine Bottle Balancer. It’s a very unique, cool gift idea and paired with a bottle of your favorite wine it’s sure to be a winner.

With Christmas about 3 weeks away, I’ve been playing with a couple different decorating ideas for the table, centerpiece and buffet table utilizing Barrel-Art’s wide variety of décor. So, here’s a couple ideas that I think will impress your guests and have them thinking that you’re the next Martha Stewart when it comes to decorating.

  1. Using Whiskey/Wine Flights- set up at beverage station for Wine, Champagne and Cranberry Juice. This is fun for all ages, and when presented with the beverage of your choice, offers a display of many colors.

  2. 3 and 5 Votive Candleholder- I’ve arranged these all over my Kitchen and Dining room and am using the battery operated flickering faux candles. Safe, long lasting and fit perfectly into Barrel-Arts candle holders.

  3. 4 glass Wine Butler- This happens to be my girlfriend’s favorite décor item. She has taken the liberty of stocking our bar with a variety of wines from Europe, California, Argentina and Australia. She has put 4 glasses (with fancy wineglass charms) in the butlers and have arranged them by wine type, by region. There is only one problem…..I need more Barrel-Art wine Butlers!!! Oh, and more wine glasses. Luckily, Barrel-Art has all of my needs covered.

The great thing here is the ability to be creative!!!!

Make sure you check back with us this weekend to see photos of our creativity at work!

Have any photos of Barrel-Art products in your home or place of business? Email them to me and you could be featured in one of our future blogs!!!

Thank you for your continued support!

“May Your Wine be Fine and Your Whiskey be Neat!”

Dan H.

Northeast Sales Director and Blogger Extraordinaire

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