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Mother's Day

Ordering flowers for Mother's day again? Why not try something different this year! I always choose to go with a pre ordered card and the same 9 am phone call saying how much I adore her being in my life. After all these years you'd think she could recite back to me every word. This year I decided, ok, this is the year to venture out and do something different. I mean after all, routine is good in many aspects of life but this holiday shouldn't be one of them.

In the great words of Erich Fromm "Mother's love is peace, it need not be acquired, it need not be deserved", and I'd like to add that a mother's love needs to be appreciated. This is when Barrel – Art comes in handy. We have a variety of gifts that would be perfect as presents themselves or as an accent to a special evening.

Our moms and wives do so much for us that it is a shame we only celebrate them once a year. This year consider showing appreciation as often as you can! Just how would you do that? You can start by ordering some of our one of a kind garden art. These specific pieces range from metal hoop hearts to sailboats. What is really unique is the way the décor is created! Each ring is hand selected off of a recycled European wine barrel and welded/manipulated into different items. No hoop is the same and they all have a rustic, vintage feel. Perfect for hanging in her garden so she thinks of you all year around, yup, even in the winter when the flowers aren't flourishing and there is no fruit from her labor.

Everyone knows, and thankfully, Mother's day is during spring. April showers bring May flowers and May flowers appear better with garden art as an accessory. While your mom or wives invite company over for outdoor events and home barbeques (we sell amazing barbeque chips by the way) your guest will not be able to steer clear of her new outside décor. Not only is it an excellent accessory for their garden, these hoops will make excellent exterior home statement pieces.

There is a huge range of things to choose from and we are constantly taking custom orders to increase the diversity of our one of a kind products.

For those of you who would like to show gratitude for all that your wives and or moms do in the kitchen, we have something to satisfy those needs as well. The days of placing dish by dish on the dinner table are long gone. Our serving trays have never disappointed and are great for serving foods to guest and family.

Along with the serving trays are our lazy susans which just so happen to be our second best seller! These spinning trays are made from the top of a wine barrel and are placed on a swivel. They may also be stained to match your décor in dark walnut, red mahogany, or natural. Our lazy susans are great for many different items and look great on dinner tables and countertops providing what is needed without the hassle.

Take a look at our shop. There are many other items that you and your families will find useful. At Barrel-Art we strive to fill everyone's needs and go beyond expectations. Remember, Mother's day is May 13th this year. Show all the special moms in your life just how much you love and cherish what they do on a daily basis. Make sure that getting a gift isn't all that you give. A gift is only as good as the hands it was received from. Unless you are out of the country, well in that case a gift and a phone call is in store.

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