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The Barrel Bar That Started It All

"Who would have thought you could do that with a wine barrel..." is a comment we hear quite often at Barrel-Art, and it's sparked several interesting conversations with our customers, leading many to ask how Barrel-Art came to be. It all began a few years ago in Europe with our owner, Mike Prieto, and a piece we call the Classic Style Wine Bar.

Mike and his wife lost all of their furnishings in a warehouse fire during their move to Europe. Although they found items they liked online, many companies were unable to ship to them, so Mike began building what they needed. Woodworking struck a chord with him and after creating much needed items, like chairs and tables, trips to European wineries inspired Mike to craft a bar from a French Oak wine barrel from Bordeaux. Thus, the Classic Style Wine Bar was born.

Visitors were quite intrigued by Mike's creation, as it was unique and unlike anything they had seen before. Request for similar pieces began pouring in from friends and family, and this attention brought about additional ideas for custom wine barrel pieces, which paved the way for the beginnings of Barrel-Art.

Our wine barrel furniture doesn't stop with this original piece. Many areas of the home can be enlightened with creations from the beautiful oak -- whether natural or stained -- red mahogany or dark walnut of European wine barrels. Chairs, candle holders, sinks, tables, as well as beer and wine flights are just a few of these items. Some pieces are made from the entire wine barrel and others are fashioned from the staves and/or bands. Our entire line has something for everyone, with each piece offering all the same charm as our original creation.

Wine barrel furniture started for us and our clients as an item of style and utility. To see what it can do for you and your home, contact Barrel-Art today.

Barrel-Art Classic Wine Bar
Barrel-Art Classic Wine Bar

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