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Unique Ways to Use Re-purposed Wine Barrels

Here at Barrel-Art, we're giving new life to old wine barrels. A combination of warm woods and weathered metal strapping have transformed these repurposed items into eye-catching elements of design. With their Old World look and feel, wine barrels can take any living space from bland and ordinary to uniquely stylish and extraordinary.

We're constantly coming up with new ways to transform wine barrels into works of art. Here are just a few of the decorative products and artful accessories we're currently offering.

Our Barrel Side Table is handcrafted from a French Bordeaux wine barrel. During the sanding process, we even try to preserve the cooperate or winery label to ensure a smooth and sleek finish. This side table would make a fabulous focal point in a living room, study, or library. Plus, we can also treat the wood for outdoor use!

The Barrel Coffee Table is a true statement piece. This gorgeous table was handcrafted from half a wine barrel and additional staves, which were used to fashion the legs of the base. The top is solid white oak, and an inlaid hinge allows the lid to open and reveal a hidden storage space inside the barrel.

Here's something you've never seen before, but if you're a pet owner, you might not be able to live without it. You and your pet will love this unique pet bed handcrafted from a wine barrel. Durable and stylish, the barrel frame features rich hues that were naturally stained from the Bordeaux or Tempranillo wines once stored inside.

Whether you're a wine lover or simply have an eye for chic design, wine barrel art can be just the piece you need to jazz up a living space. Browse our products online to see more of our barrel art.

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