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This elite whiskey glass set has a holder on the barrel stave for your favorite water dropper. Great gift for the any whiskey lover. Fits most droppers. Handcrafted from a reclaimed whiskey stave. This elite set will be a great addition to any home bar, kitchen, or office space.


To use the Glass Dropper, dip the glass dropper in to a glass of water and press your finger over the hole in the bulb to hold the water in the tube. When you release your finger form the hole the water will be released; remove your finger slowly to control the amount of water you add to your whiskey. Adding a drop or two of purified water to your whiskey opens up the profile of flavors and aromas to the drink. It sends the guaiacol, a compound that is partially responsible for the peaty flavor and smell of the whiskey, to the surface of the drink. This makes it easier for the nose and palate to experience the flavor and smell of your desired whiskey.


**Glencairn glass ** (optional)

**Glass Urban dropper **(optional)

** Angel's share dropper is not included** 

Elite Whiskey tasting set

PriceFrom $30.00
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