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20 Liter Whiskey Aging Barrel

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20 Liter Whiskey Aging Barrel


 This barrel will provide enough of your home crafted whiskey, moonshine, vodka, tequila, liqueur, rum and more.  Holding approximately 20 liters of your favorite past time, keep the barrel full for about 25 weeks or longer and what a difference you will taste.   Longer is better!!  Of course, get in to it early and just top it off.  Simply fill your barrel with your favorite spirits and re-start the aging process.

This American White Oak, charred with black steel bands barrel will help you craft a smoother and tastier whiskey.  It will not change the proof and can be used many times.

Product may vary slightly from pictures because everything is hand made.  This is a quality barrel unlike some of the less expense/fall apart types. Allow 7-10 days for shipping.  You will receive a 20 liter barrel, bung, stand, spigot, instructions and "How To Video" information.

Approximately 15" long and 12" wide at the belly not including the stand.


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