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The Barrel-Art Story

My idea for Barrel-Art was originally born out of necessity. My wife and I lost everything in a fire during our move to Europe several years ago. We needed furniture immediately so I took up woodworking to build the critical pieces.

I found I really enjoyed the art of woodworking and decided to design a piece of my own. During our travels to the European wineries, I was inspired to make a bar out of a barrel. My wife loved the concept so we searched the area wineries for the perfect barrel and came across a beautiful French Oak barrel from Bordeaux. My efforts with the barrel generated a great deal of interest and I began developing other ideas for furnishings and barware that were made from barrels.  My Wife and I brought my ideas back to the United States and after completing my business degree, I opened Barrel-Art in 2013.
Barrel-Art has since grown significantly through online purchases and wholesale orders.  We have supplied many restaurants with furniture and flights such as Froggies (Virginia Beach), Commonwealth Brewery (Virginia Beach), Marriott’s (Worldwide), Kona Grill (Worldwide) and Outback Steakhouses (Nationally) just to name a few.

Barrel-Art has many diverse products handcrafted from reclaimed wine barrels.  Indoor and outdoor furniture such as adirondack chairs, fire pits, stools and benches. We also create barware ranging from coasters to 6 glass flights.  We build custom flights for customers who have their own collection of glasses or restaurants that use specific ones.  Making sure to use all parts of the barrels we artistically weld wall decor using the barrels galvanized steel rings.  Handcrafted pens, barrel head lazy susans and serving trays are among some of our Home Decor best sellers.  Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece or something more traditional, Barrel-Art has it all. Come and explore our collection today.

- Mike Prieto

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