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Bourbon Flight Trays

While some people appreciate craft beer, others may appreciate a good bourbon instead. But why should the craft beer market monopolize flight trays and paddles, when customers will also enjoy sampling a wide array of bourbons too? Many may think that a great bourbon flight involves consuming several glasses of bourbon, where one experiences feelings of happiness and glee, thus leading to the flight experience.

Yet in the beverage industry a flight actually means a sampling of a drink, such as bourbon, whiskey, or scotch. Any type of alcoholic beverage can actually be served on a platter. It generally involves at least three choices, each being poured into a small glass. The goal is to sample, not to consume.

Bourbon is actually a type of whiskey, but the terms are interchangeable for the uninitiated. Bourbon is actually a type of American whiskey, so you'll not want to get your brands mixed up. While Bourbon is a French name, bourbon whiskey may have first been brewed in either Bourbon Street, New Orleans, or Bourbon County in Kentucky. But both locations have been disputed as to who did it first. This type of whiskey can be traced back to the 1820s.

Today, bourbon whiskey can be made in any part of the USA, so other types made in other parts of the world can not use the name "Bourbon". Bourbons can vary in expense from cheap to extremely expensive. It's possible to find some inexpensive brands of bourbon that are worth trying in flights though.

Barrel-Art offers great bourbon, whiskey, or scotch flights, though there are many other choices for offer on their website, as well. One of their most popular offerings is three glasses on a bourbon flight board. These are three smaller glasses than your regular bourbon glass. The reason is that you don't want to get so drunk that you don't care what you're drinking.

The purpose is to taste and sample each type of bourbon. The glasses are usually heavy-weight, as this prevents them from accidentally being tipped over. Not that it would happen after you've consumed too many! Each glass in the most popular Barrel-Art set holds 2.2 ounces. The trays are actually made from the reclaimed wood of a Spanish or French bourbon barrel. The staves are made from 100% solid wood and are quite sturdy. The staves may be made from naturally colored wood, red mahogany, or dark walnut. You'll see that the stave is a darker red on one side, which is the side where bourbon was matured in the barrel. This provides a nice looking feature and looks great on any surface.

The trays measure 17 inches long by 4 inches wide. Some bourbons are golden in color, some a pale brown, and some a dark caramel. Bourbon drinkers will need to sample many to decide which they prefer. Every bourbon aficionado will appreciate a different type.

One of the most popular bourbon glasses at Barrel Art is the Glencairn whiskey glass. The bourbon glass is different than glasses for wine or beer. This is a high end crystal whiskey glass. This glass is clear and has a thick sturdy stemmed bottom, with a wide bowl above that gentles tapers upwards. The glass is only filled with one third of a good bourbon. This allows the bouquet of the bourbon to softly fill the bowl of the glass, giving the enthusiast a good prequel to the taste. The Glencairn glass style is found at all distilleries in Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, and is becoming popular in the USA.

In the past bourbon was served in different types of glasses and never really had its own. It was served in hi ball glasses, shot glasses, goblets, and regular glasses. But now the Glencairn whiskey glass can fill that gap. This also allows bourbon to having the distinction of being an alcoholic beverage in its own right. Many restaurants, hotel bars, distilleries, and resorts are now offering bourbon flights. It may have begun with craft beer flights, until these businesses understood that any type of beverage can be offered on a whiskey flight board. For these types of businesses it can be beneficial to order custom flights to serve at their establishment. These may have the hotel, resort, or business name on the glass or the paddle. They offer an extra touch of class, and the customer will appreciate their bourbon flights just that bit more.

Not only will a custom bourbon flight tray set your business apart from the competition, they also make for even better gifts. Offering your customers the option of purchasing a customized bourbon flight tray branded with your business is also a great way to provide extra income to your business.

Many people on vacation or a break like to purchase souvenirs of their trip, and/or gifts for people back home. The business will be more likely to sell a greater quantity if they're customized with the name of the business and location.

To customize your bourbon sample trays with your glassware, we can stain them to your preferred color. By having flight trays customized to match with your hotel or bar décor will create an ambiance of elegant luxury. We can also add your business logo, company name, and a special message on the flights. This will make your bourbon tray unique to your business and something that your competitor doesn't offer. And that's just a small 'taste' of benefits having Barrel Art to create a custom bourbon flight tray for your business.

To name just a few companies who have utilized our custom bourbon flights include Jameson Irish Whiskey, Dewars, and the Marriott. Bourbon flight trays can be one of the most important aspects of any type of business that offers good bourbon for their customers to enjoy. Begin with some great whiskey flight boards, then consider ordering some custom whiskey serving trays for the ultimate bourbon whiskey tasting experience.

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