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Craft Beer Revolution

The craft beer revolution has taken the world by storm. No longer are bar or restaurant goers subject to bland boring beer tastes—there are delicious and refreshing ales, stouts, porters, malts, lagers, and everything in between. These types of craft beers deserve to be served on special beer flights, rather than just your regular beer glass. offers a variety of craft beer serving solutions to entice the enthusiast into having an enjoyable experience. Most people in the business know exactly what a beer flight is. To the uninitiated they’ll be thinking it’s how you drink a lot of beer, and then experience that happy comfortable experience being on a pleasant flight.

But first a word of are actually beer samplers, and they’re served in smaller glasses, and there are usually three or four on a tray. The tray is usually designed medieval-style. The more authentic means that these trays and platters are made out of 100% solid genuine wood. Sometimes the platters are designed to look like a beer flight paddle.

Their purpose is to simply hold the beer safely in position while the waiter, waitress, or bartender brings it to the customer at their table. Once at the table, the entire tray is presented and then left on the table, rather than being taken away. The beer aficionado gets to sample from several different types of beers. Once they’re done with a glass, it’s replaced back into its position on the tray.

Beer flight sampler trays also serve a second, secret purpose. If your establishment focusses on delicious craft beer, that can add up to a lot of glasses on the table. Not only does this create chaos for the waiting staff, but to the outside observer looking in, they won’t appreciate a messy bar. So these beer flights keep everything neat and tidy on the table, and the wait staff can more easily clear them off in preparation for the next round.

barrel-art beer flight
Barrel-Art Beer Flight

Many types of businesses are now offering a wide range of craft beers to their customers. Bars, taverns, pubs, and restaurants are all offering these choices to people who’ve moved on from American or Canadian brand beers and want something different. Many restaurants and hotels also are offering some great selections. Craft beer breweries are springing up, selling only their own creations. Besides the different types of craft beers available, there are numerous beer styles. With amber, blonde, brown, cream, dark, fruit, golden, dark, honey, red, and many more that the breweries can think up to entice us into trying more. With so many on the market today, we’d never have time in our lives to even try one per day and yet expect to become an expert—perhaps after two or three years.

The craft beer breweries are inundating the market with choices today, so it’s hard to keep up. Craft beer has earned its place in the hall of fame and many people are demanding craft beer from locations that have previously only served boring Molson's, Kootenai's, or Heineken. offers great glass beer flights which present four smaller glasses on a solid wood tray. This is an attractive way to serve different types of beer to the customer. Often the craft beer enthusiast wants to try more than one at a sitting, but does not want to drink a full glass. And since craft beer is on tap, there’s no need to waste an entire bottle just to fill up one small glass.

Barrel Art also sells many other types of glass and tray assortments. This is the perfect solution to allow the customer to choose which types of craft beers they want. Of course the restaurant or pub may offer some popular choices on the menu too. If your bar or tavern wishes to have something a bit different than other drinking establishments, it’s possible to order custom beer flights and trays from Barrel Art.

There are many products to start with, including beer sampler glasses and the beer sample tray. We can make wooden beer sampler trays and custom beer sampler paddles. Just some of the ways we can create custom beer sampler trays for sale to you include staining your flights to your preferred color. This is a great way to match up colors with your restaurant or bar decor. We can also stamp a variety of graphics and wording onto our products. You can have your company name, business logo, and a custom message added to the glassware or trays. We offer a variety of different types and sizes of glassware, as well as wooden trays and paddles in a variety of solid types of wood. Your products can be customized so that they don’t look like what your competitor has in their restaurant or bar.

We’ve created many serving solutions for popular businesses around the country. Visit Commonwealth Brewery, Alewerks Brewing Company, and Two Drummers Smokehouse to see some of our custom beer serving equipment that we’ve made just for them. If you serve craft beer to your customers, don’t neglect this part of the business. You’ll find that you sell more beer by offering a beer flight board.

You’ll want to stay ahead of the competition by ordering your products from Barrel Art. Another great purpose to having custom beer serving products made is that you can also offer them for sale to your customers. This is the opportunity to make a bit of extra cash. The food and drink establishment that stays on top of the craft beer revolution is going to be the one to succeed in this day and age when there are more choices than days in the year for consumers. Custom beer serving solutions will not only add a touch of class to the serving table, but it’ll also set you apart in a business where décor and ambience matters.

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