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Dreaming Tree Wine Barrels

We are happy to share that Barrel-Art has acquired a supply of reclaimed wine barrels used to make Dreaming Tree Wine in Napa, California. This collaboration is special for several reasons -- one of which being that Dreaming Tree is owned by Dave Matthews of the Dave Matthews Band! As a fan, Mike was excited to embark on this collaboration. Although the wine is from Napa, the barrels are made from French Oak, which stays true to Barrel-Art’s tradition of building pieces from European barrels. Our collaboration with Dreaming Tree, as well as our ability to make their barrels into works of art, aligns perfectly with their goals of sustainability.

Dreaming Tree Wine
Dreaming Tree Wine

The first barrel off the truck from the Dreaming Tree delivery was used to make an

Adirondack chair specifically for Dave Matthews. Check out the finished product on our Facebook page. You can also view examples of Adirondack chairs and other wine barrel furniture on our website.

Our products page allows you to peruse all that we have to offer -- furniture, art and an assortment of other eye-catching pieces. If your main interest is wine barrel furniture, you’ll find something in every section to interest you, including the Adirondack chairs already mentioned above, as well as ottomans, coffee tables, bar furniture, and perhaps the most appropriate piece of all -- champagne riddling racks.

The barrels acquired from Dreaming Tree are available for purchase or use in any product you order. Just select the Dreaming Tree option on the order page. We have a limited supply, so take advantage of this exciting offer today!

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