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This Barrel Head Lazy Susan, is the perfect addition to any dining table or kitchen countertop. This beautiful lazy susan is handcrafted from high-quality reclaimed red wine barrels, making it a unique and sustainable piece of decor for your home.


The natural beauty and patina of the barrel head wood are carefully preserved and enhanced with 3 different attractive stain colors to give your countertop or dining table that classic look of authentic rustic elegance. 


This Barrel Head Lazy Susan is a great addition to any dining table or kitchen countertop, providing a turntable for items such as salt and pepper shakers, condiments, or even a beautiful vase of flowers. Its efficient and practical design makes it incredibly easy to share dishes, condiments, and drinks without the need for reaching across the table.


Our Barrel Head Lazy Susan comes in 3 different stain colors- Natural, Red Mahogany, and Dark Walnut- to suit your decor preferences. This Barrel Head Lazy Susan is perfect for entertaining guests, family dinners, small gatherings, etc. So, bring home the Barrel Head Lazy Susan today and add some authentic rustic charm to your decor.


**Cooper markings are the stamps, engravings, or markings made by coopers on wooden barrels.  Typically, cooper markings include information like the date of production, the cooper's mark, the type of product stored inside the barrel, proof marks, and various other marks like the name of the distillery, winery, brewery, or location. These markings serve as records of quality and provenance, indicating the age, provenance, and authenticity of the barrel and its contents. In some instances, coopers may also mark their barrels with decorative symbols, signs, and logos, giving them additional character and charm. Today, cooper markings are prized by collectors and enthusiasts and are often used for decoration in homes, bars, restaurants, and other commercial establishments.


Colors: Red Mahogany, Dark Walnut, Natural.

Dimensions: approx. 22" Diameter 

Barrel Head Lazy Susan

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