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Barrel-Art's BBQ Smoker Chips (2 lbs.) - the perfect addition to any grilling adventure or fire pit gathering. Made from wine-infused  Oak barrel staves, these BBQ smoker chips will add a unique and delicious flavor to your next BBQ.


Our BBQ Smoker Chips are perfect for those who love to experiment with flavors and want to achieve that smoky flavor that restaurants do with utter perfection! The wine-infused oak wood produces a rich and deep flavor that pairs exceptionally well with chicken or salmon, while also adding a unique twist to beef and pork dishes.


Not just for grilling, you can also throw a few of these chips into your fire pit for fall gatherings or camping trips, and experience the aroma of oak and wine or whiskey.Each bag of our BBQ Smoker Chips contains 2 lbs. of wine or whiskey stained oak chips, packed in a thick, resealable plastic bag that seals in the aroma and flavor of the chips.


At Barrel-Art, we take pride in sourcing reclaimed materials and using them in innovative ways, and our BBQ Smoker Chips is a prime example of that. We have even had professional BBQ teams use these chips, and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.


Our BBQ Smoker Chips (2 lbs.) are a must-have addition to any grilling enthusiast's collection. They will take your grilling game to the next level with their unique flavor and aroma. Made from wine-infused French Oak wine barrel staves and packed in a resealable bag, these chips are a convenient and sustainable product that you'll love. Order yours today and savor the delicious flavor of wine or whiskey infused wood chips on your next BBQ.

BBQ Smoker Chips (2 lbs.)

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