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Introducing our Engraved Whiskey Barrel Wall Shelf, a stunning and functional piece of decor that is perfect for any whiskey lover. Handcrafted from reclaimed whiskey barrels, this shelf features the original metal rings on the outside, and the charred whiskey soaked oak on the inside reminding all those who view it of the history of the barrel and a touch of rustic charm.


Expertly engraved with a small logo or the text of your choice, this shelf is personalized and unique. The wood has been carefully stained and finished, showcasing the beautiful natural grain of the reclaimed wood.


This Engraved Whiskey Barrel Wall Shelf is not just a stunning piece of wall decor - it is also highly practical. The shelf is perfect for displaying your favorite whiskey bottles, glasses, and accessories, adding a touch of rustic elegance to your home bar or kitchen. The sturdy design and high-quality materials ensure that this shelf will withstand everyday use while adding warmth and character to your decor. Our Engraved Whiskey Barrel Wall Shelf makes an excellent gift for whiskey enthusiasts, adding a touch of personalized style to their home decor.


This product is available in Dark Walnut, Natural, and Red Mahogany.

Approx. size Diameter - 23 in Depth - 7 in Shelf Size (approximate) Length - 18 in Width - 4.5 in

Engraved Whiskey Barrel Wall Shelf

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