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Sustainably Sourced Materials - Our Pizza Oven Wood includes 10lbs of kiln dried, white oak barrel stave cuts that are enough for over 100 pizzas! Cut specifically for portable outdoor pizza wood ovens each piece is no longer than 7". The Mini Pizza Oven Wood is great for Solo Stove Pi, Ooni, Mesa, as well as other ovens or stoves that burn mini firewood or cooking wood.

Flavorful Cooking Experience - Our barrel Oak wood is wine and whiskey infused from the liquid the barrels once held and aged, making them the ideal choice for outdoor pizza ovens, enhancing the taste of your dishes; use our mini oak firewood as a starter for larger ovens as well.

Our oak barrel staves burn slow and HOT- this will get your oven up to temperature quickly and keep the tempature high so you can get a crispy crust.

Have a pizza party night and what a treat it will be to share with your guests that you are cooking their pizzas from reclaimed wine or bourbon barrels!

You can choose to add a fast lighting butane torch to your order at checkout- please note butane is not included in the torch and it will need to be filled before use.

Pizza Oven Fire Wood- 10 pounds of Whiskey or Wine Oak Barrel Sticks

PriceFrom $38.00
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