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Introducing Barrel-Art's Whiskey Barrel BBQ Smoker Blocks, crafted from authentic reclaimed whiskey barrel staves. Embrace the rich flavors of traditional smoking with these hand-cut, whiskey-soaked blocks, meticulously prepared for an unparalleled grilling experience. Perfect for smoking beef, chicken, and pork, these blocks are a must-have for barbecue enthusiasts aiming to elevate their culinary creations. Packaged in a convenient 5-gallon bin with a secure lid, this 15 lb supply maintains the enticing aroma of whiskey, offering a seamless and practical way to infuse your grilling endeavors with the irresistible essence of aged whiskey. Unleash the essence of the barrel and indulge in the art of smoked barbecue like never before with Barrel-Art's Whiskey Barrel BBQ Smoker Blocks.

Whiskey Barrel BBQ Smoker Blocks/Oak Smoking Chunks 15lbs

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