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We pride ourselves in trying to use every piece of the wood we source from our reclaimed barrels. But there have been times when there are pieces that we just can’t use for our current catalog of products.


We now offer these wine barrel pieces to you in three different bundles: Medium, Large and X-large.

  • Medium Box: 11”x8”x6” Holds 10lbs+ Pieces range in size from 4”-11” long Approx. 2”- 5” wide .75” - 1.25” Thick
  • Large Box: 15.5” x10.75” x6” Holds 15lbs.+ Pieces range in size from 4”-15” long Approx. 2” -5” wide .75”- 1.25” Thick
  • X-Large Box: 18” x12.5”x12” Holds 20lbs.+ Pieces range in size from 4”- 17” long Approx. 2”-5”wide .75”-1.25” Thick


So many great uses for this wood (Oak): Furniture, jewelry, inlays, sculptures, pen blocks, wall art and other wood crafts. Each box is filled with French Oak in varying sizes and un-sanded. Mostly red wine barrel stave pieces and the occasional white wine piece. The color of the wood has slight variations in Red/Burgundy stain from the wine. Some pieces may have nail holes, bubbled wood, and the end of the stave which may have a knot or hole. This is not in every piece we do try our best to sort through and give you the very best of our scrap pieces.

Wine Barrel Stave Pieces

PriceFrom $36.00
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